Online SEO Tool Free Robots.txt Generator

Robots.txt is a file on your server which instructs search engine crawlers, spiders, and robots to index which part of site or not to index which section or pages of your website. It communicates with automated robots send by search engines. A robots.txt file can work differently for different search engines robots or bots.

From SEO point of view it is essential to generate robots.txt files. It is a technical issue therefore all website owners cannot make robots.txt file. Our free robots.txt generator will instantly make the file and ready for download.
Our robots.txt generator tool is free to generate server side file for search engines web robots.

  • First select user agent and click add.
  • After adding user agent, Please add directory or page which you want to add in .robots.txt
  • After creating  your website robots.txt file you can test the effect of your file at Google robots.txt analysis tool which is available in Google Webmaster Tools


Select a User Agent

Add directories/files you DO NOT want indexed

Directory/Page.html >
Three Examples:  1: Directory/myPage.html
2: Directory/
3: myPage.html