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Google Sitemap Generation

Google Sitemaps is very important for your website which helps to improve your coverage in the Google Data Center. Site map is necessary to give all the information of your website or when you make changes to these pages, to the google.

Advantages of Google MAP

You web site is indexed in deep URL, like https://www.yourdomain.dom/abc/ads/as.html easily. So it provides better crawling coverage to help people find more of your web pages in the google data center and in this way you get more pages of your website in the database which automatically improves your search engine position. Due to continuously indexing of your website, visitors get fresher search results for their query in the search engines about your website.

Best indexing because of specific information about all your web site pages, such as when a page was last modified or how frequently a page changes. Submitshop provides GOOGLE SITE MAP Generation and Submission services. With our smart services you will get your website in search engines and hence you can get good traffic and results.

Our Google Sitemap Services include

  • XML sitemap format Generation
  • Submission to Google and Yahoo
  • Text sitemap to submit to Yahoo.
  • Upto 500 Pages Site Map