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Social Media

How Google determine if its Brand Name or Not

by Kevin • November 7, 2011

We have seen that after recent Google Algorithm updates like Panda updates and Vince update, Google is giving more importance to Brand Names, for example when we type in Google “handbags” it is showing more results where you can see various brand names related to Jackets. Here at Submitshop Blog, We will try to find […]

Submit Shop attended MediaPro 2011, London

by Mohnesh Kohli • November 6, 2011

Submit Shop a leading SEO services company attended MediaPro 2011 in London, a mega event on effective communications across digital marketing, social and print media for marketers, brand managers, media agencies in the UK which was also attended by many known speakers, marketers and visitors held on 1st and 2nd of November 2011 at the […]

Google Bot now indexing AJAX & JavaScript

by Kevin • November 3, 2011

We know that JavaScript or JS is being used more and more by web designers and developers to improve the usability of the websites. It seems that Google has also given a stamp of approval to use of Java by Indexing of AJAX & JavaScript. Here is confirmation from Matt Cutts in tweet at his […]

Follow SubmitShop on Google Buzz

by Mohnesh Kohli • February 10, 2010

Well today when I opened by Google account I see invitation from Google Buzz. I immediately started research on it. How it works. It is easy to operate and we have already been followed by many of our customers or well wishers. We will use this social media to share latest on SEO technology, techniques […]